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Dave Liddle is a legend in Silicon Valley but what many don't know is he had an interesting role with Owens-Illinois in the late 60s, working on the plasma display, in cooperation with the PLATO plasma panel team at the University of Illinois.

Here's a recent oral history conducted at the Computer History Museum of Dave talking about his long illustrious career. The plasma project starts around the 17 minute mark, but the video below is set to around 15 minutes so you can get a little context of what led to his choice of going to Owens-Illinois. Better yet, start at the beginning of the interview and watch the whole 2.5 hour extravaganza!

The PLATO: A Culture of Innovation panel from the PLATO@50 conference, June 3, 2010. Featuring Don Bitzer, David Frankel, Tina Gunsalus, and Bob Price. Moderated by Bob Sutton. About 80 minutes long.

The Software Panel at the PLATO@50 conference featured Dr. Bob Rader, Dr. Bruce Sherwood, Mike Walker, and moderator Steve Gillmor. It's about 68 minutes long.

The PLATO@50 conference panel on Hardware Innovations featured Dr. Donald Bitzer, Dr. Roger Johnson, and Dr. Larry Weber. The Moderator was Philip McKinney. It's about 86 minutes long.

The Games Panel at the PLATO@50 conference featured John Markoff (Moderator), Bruce Artwick, John Daleske, Dr. Brand Fortner, Dr. Andrew Shapira, and Rich Hilleman. It's about 71 minutes long -- enjoy!

The Computer History Museum has uploaded another video from the PLATO@50 conference, late this afternoon -- the panel on Online Community. Featured are Charlene Li (Moderator), Dave Woolley, and Kim Mast, and Lili Cheng of Microsoft.


The Computer History Museum uploaded another high-definition video of a PLATO@50 panel session to YouTube today. This is the 1hr 9min video of the Online Education panel from June 3rd. It features an introduction by CHM CEO John Hollar, and a panel including Dr. Ruth Chabay, Dr. Sharon Dugdale, Bonnie Anderson Seiler, and Dr. Bruce Sherwood. The Moderator is Dr. Roy D. Pea:


The Computer History Museum had posted the first video of the entire evening of June 2, including introductory remarks by CHM CEO John Hollar, a 15-minute PLATO historical overview by yours truly, and then the conversation with Donald Bitzer, Ray Ozzie, and John Markoff. It's about 90 minutes total. Here it is:

The event's one PLATO history session, featuring Don Bitzer, Lippold Haken, and Peter Braunfeld, starts around then. The embedded video window below should activate around 8:45am Central Time on Thurs, April 15, 2010:

For more info on the conference please see

UPDATE 6/24/2010 --- I've updated the video to be the archived video since this is no longer streaming live obviously :-)


Learn more about the book:

The Friendly Orange Glow: The Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture, by Brian Dear

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