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The Terminals Have Arrived!

Thanks to Aaron Woolfson's dedication, incredible effort, and dogged determination, attendees of the free PLATO @ 50 conference on June 2-3 will have hands-on access to fully-restored and operational PLATO terminals. They just arrived yesterday!

PLATO terminals arrive at CHM

One neat little detail about these terminals is they all have one little enhancement that didn't exist when they were originally manufactured: Aaron has added an Ethernet port to each. So they can simply be plugged into the Internet and connect to and you instantly see "Press NEXT to begin" on the screen. Amazing.

PLATO V terminal

These terminals arrived at the Computer History Museum yesterday, artifact donations and hopefully in time part of its permanent exhibit. For me, the arrival of these terminals marks a huge milestone for the Museum, as I've been gently pushing the Museum for years to embrace the significance and historical importance of PLATO and one major way I've always hoped that would come about was for the Museum to accept PLATO artifacts into their collection. And we've reached that day. (I love the fact that these terminals are in crates that say "Property of The Computer History Museum".) Another massive milestone of course is the conference itself: it's just enormously exciting that the Museum has further embraced PLATO by supporting and co-producing the upcoming two-day conference. Hope to see you at the conference!


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