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In A Perfect World, Google Would Do a P@50 Doodle...

Since last November if not before then, I've been contacting people at Google regarding the idea of doing something like the following to celebrate the 50th anniversary of PLATO:

Google Doodle mockup for PLATO@50

Would be hugely attention-grabbing, tens if not hundreds of millions would see it, and think of the good karma for Google to recognize the huge set of innovations that came decades before Larry and Sergey founded the company.

Month after month of trying different approaches to reach out to Google with the idea resulted in silence. Some Googlers suggested I write directly to Marissa Mayer, which I did last week. Heard back from her late last night (for many months I'd proposed that Google do the Doodle this week, not next, since it'd help boost awareness of next week's free conference at the Computer History Museum). She indicated this was the first she'd heard of it, but assumed it was now too late. So this morning I replied back to her and others at Google that, no, it's not too late at all -- any day between now and June 3 would be fine. No reply yet. Crossing fingers.

Google, if you're reading this, go for it. It would be completely awesome and in the long run you will see the wisdom in having acknowledged the PLATO team's work and rightful place in the pantheon of computer wizards that preceded Google and all the web companies in Silicon Valley.


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The Friendly Orange Glow: The Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture, by Brian Dear

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